Nosferatu (The Cult of)

(Patrick Murray AKA Rumtap)

Basic Information

Throughout Legend there exist many creatures of the night who feed on the life and blood of the living. They are known by many names, vampyr, strigoi, pricolici, nosferatu. While the peasants use these names interchangeably the learned adventurer knows the difference between each type of vampire.

The nosferatu are vampires of noble birth who believe only the worthy should join their ranks, so although they may feed upon the common stock these will never be turned.

A nosferatu will always:
- Be of noble birth
- Be a knight (9o%) or a warlock (10%)
- Be 4th rank or higher.

If a nosferatu encounters a vampire of lesser origin they are honour bound to destroy them, for the bloodlines must be kept pure.


Nosferatu appear much the same as any other vampire.

Known or Supposed Origins

Centuries ago a small group of vampires, all of noble birth, were horrified by what they saw as the pollution of their species. They were offended by common peasants rising from the grave with the strength and power they believed should be reserved for them.

Thus the Cult of Nosferatu was born.

Special Abilities

Nosferatu have all the strength and weakness of the traditional vampire with one exception. Nosferatu through a secret dark art have acquired the ability to walk in the light of the sun for short periods of time but at a cost. A 4th rank nosferatu can spend an hour in the sunlight. At 6th rank the nosferatu can spend up to two hours in the light. At 8th rank it is now four hours a day the nosferatu can tolerate daylight.This time in the sun is restricted to the afternoon light. The rays of the morning sun are still deadly to the nosferatu. While walking under the sun the nosferatu is at reduced power. The creature’s strength drops to 18 and its magical defence is reduced by one. Further more each hour spent in the light costs the nosferatu two health points.

As the Cult is a closely guarded secret very few people will know of this ability. The nosferatu will use this to fool others into thinking they are human.

Geographical Distribution

It is believed that the Cult of Nosferatu originated in Hudristania but members can now be found throughout the western nations of Legend.

Average Statistics

as per vampire

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