Online Campaigns

The following are campaigns that are presently operating online. Mostly they are play-by-email (PBEM) or play-by-post (PBP) games operating free-of-charge. Where there are variations to the default situation, that is indicated. When reading/updating the table below, please note the following points:
  • NEW campaigns (since the previous update of the page) are highlighted in GREEN.
  • FINISHED/DEFUNCT campaigns (as detected at time of last updating this page) are highlighted in GREY.
  • The name of the campaign also serves as a link to its homepage
  • After the name, the total number of posts is shown in brackets, where this is available. If possible it will only be the number of IC posts, but in many games there is no easy way to separate these from the OOC posts!
Campaign Full Name Gamesmaster Short Description
Darves Hill DW1
Darves Hill DW2
Dragon Warriors* PBP Tim Harper Set in a backwoods part of Albion*, Ellesland*. Since Sep 200.
DWPBEM (8949)
Dragon Warriors* Play by E-Mail Nirmalan de Silva Set in Cauldron, Northern Albion*, Ellesland*. Since Dec 2002.
DWRP (8964)
Dragon Warriors* Roleplaying Nirmalan de Silva "The Company of Boo", set in Ereworn*, Ellesland*. Since Jan 2004
MYPOST (4500)
The Order of Knights Holy Nirmalan de Silva Set on the continent of Mungoda*. Since April 2007
DW-CLYSTER (>2000)
(includes DW-Clyster-2)

The Lions of Clyster RJ Lambert Set in Port Clyster*, north eastern Albion*, Ellesland*. Since Dec 2007.
DW-Clyster-2 since Nov 2008.
DWClyster3 (367)
The Lions of Clyster RJ Lambert Set in Port Clyster*, north eastern Albion*, Ellesland*. Set after the events of DW Clyster 1 & 2. Since Dec 2010.
Dragon Warriors* "ROLE-Playing Campaign" Christopher Loh A campaign designed to be more about ROLE playing rather than 'ROLL' playing. Since Jan 2009.
The Elven Crystals IC (395)
The Elven Crystals OOC
The Elven Crystals Uqbarian
Playing the classic DW campaign. Since Aug 2010.
Sleeping Gods IC (350)
Sleeping Gods OOC
Sleeping Gods
Playing the classic DW campaign. Since May 2010.
Pagan Mountains (30) The Pagan Mountains Mark Vincent Set in western Ellesland*. Since Sep 2010.
THULAND (2700)
The Thuland Campaign Cameron Smith Set in Southern Thuland*, the lands just north of Brymstone*. Since October 2008. Original idea by Cappadocius.
Shadowed Sails IC (902)
Shadowed Sails OOC
Shadowed Sails Bulya Set in the Ta'ashim* Lands - uses two threads: one for out-of-character and one for in-character. Ran Jan 2007 - Apr 2010.
Skald of Vagars Curse IC
Skald of Vagars Curse OOC
Skald of Vagar's Curse Bulya Set on the Lyften Isles, North-east of Thuland*. Since May 2008.
Concluded in June 2009.
Erlkings Troth IC (230)
Erlkings Troth OOC
The Erlking's Troth Bulya Set near the village of Skagsfeld in Kurland*. Since Mar 2009.
The Scoured Lands IC (483)
The Scoured Lands OOC
The Scoured Lands Bulya A perilous trek from the Rathurbosk* to Kalugen Keep*. Since August 2009.
Lands of Legend (2223)
A Dragon Warriors* RPG play-by-post blizack Set in northern Ellesland*, and running mostly published adventures. Since June 2009. Private - viewable by GM and players only.
Vallandar (>2000)
The Quest of Vallandar Nirmalan de Silva Set in Albion*. Since August 2009.

A younger son of Baron Montombre* seeks noble born knights to join his quest for honour. His notice has been sent across Albion* asking the younger sons of Lords, who have no chance of inheritance, and who have not left for the Crusades* to join him in ending the plague of evil that haunts the land, making it once again peaceful and working towards the glory of the True Faith*.

Human, male, knights of noble birth from Albion* only. If you want a character who is to pretend to be a knight, e-mail GM privately,with a very good reason. The characters will not be able to read, and only would be able to speak Elleslandic. If you want otherwise you should have a good reason.
Tales from Karickbridge Tales From Karickbridge MikePage1968 Set in Albion*. Since February 2010.
Sleeping Gods Sleeping Gods
Regor Playing the classic DW campaign. Since December 2010.
Prince of Darkness Prince of Darkness
Regor Playing the classic DW campaign. Private - viewable by GM and players only.

A Knights Tale Dragon Warriors: A Knight's Tale Bonivant (Bishdes) Baron Jerome d'Arbre and his Household Retinue, travelling home from the Holy Lands after Crusade!
The campaign is set in Ellesland, using a blend of homebrew, Wiki, and canon scenarios from many sources.
Since September 2011.

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