There are 2 Paladin templates in existence which for shorthand will be referred to as:
  • Standard Paladin - Chris Loh's template, viewable by clicking the link; and
  • Mighty Paladin - From the Mystagogue website of 1998, author unknown, described more below.

Mighty Paladin

(author unknown)

Introduction to a New Profession

The True Faith* was founded by Gatanades*, according to the Imperial Church of Selentium*, in the year 21 AS*. In a tumultuous era when the Empire* was crumbling, and the nefarious forces of evil had begun creeping into the borders of human civilization, there appeared a Knight* of Imperial Selentium* named Rocheval, the ‘Light that Shone for All’. Some say that Rocheval was a disciple of Gatanades*, while other accounts claim that they were just good friends - when Gatanades died* a martyr, Rocheval journeyed south to spread the Faith*. But one thing that all historians agree on – Rocheval founded an order of Paladins ("God’s Holy Warriors") in Molasaria* that became one of the most powerful forces of law, justice and goodness in those times. To this day, the original Templar in Molasaria* still stands, where the Paladins of St. Rocheval make their headquarters. Scholars claim the actual date to be 27 AS* when Emperor Josturox* made it the official Faith* of the Empire*, many years after Gatanades* had died. From the South Emphidian* range, there were several invasions of armies of Orcs* and Halvorcs – a species said to be born of an unholy union between an Ogre* and Orc*, now thought to be extinct. From the further reaches of the Empire*, in what is now Algandy*, there were the Dark-Elves.

The Paladin

Followers of Saint Rocheval carry an insignia of a scarlet pointed cross on a white background – the priests and Paladins of St. Rocheval display their colors prominently on their surcoats and robes. A Paladin is a warrior of God*, one who fights in the name of the True Faith*. One is usually initiated into the Order of Saint Rocheval at a tender age to begin a life of intensive spiritual and physical training. Exceptions do occur:- in the last five years, there have been Knights* of distinguished backgrounds namely, two Tamorian Cataphracts*, and one Knight Capellar* who have been accepted into the Order to join the ranks of the Paladins of St. Rocheval. When a Knight* (beyond 1st rank) is initiated into the Order and becomes a Paladin, any experience points gained in the future, may increase his physical statistics (as he rises in rank as a Knight*). Simultaneously, the experience earned may increase his spiritual level as he rises in rank as a Paladin from 1st rank onwards. (i.e. Keep his Paladin rank separate from his Knight* rank). The GameMaster is advised here though, that despite the general principle (mine, at least) to make all the professions balanced in terms of prowess, the Paladin is a profession that is not comparable with other professions of the same rank. By virtue of their fighting prowess being equivalent to a Knight*, and their spell casting ability, they are more powerful than other characters of the same rank. As such, the Paladin should be a very rare (PC and NPC) profession. One suggestion is to increase the experience point level needed to advance to the next rank, perhaps to one and the half times as much, compared to the other professions. Another limitation, in some sense, which should be heeded by both GMs and the player in question, is that the Paladin should be role-played to be truly good and noble. No avaricious (yep, no treasure for killing all those Orcs*), or power-hungry Paladins please. If there’s a magical item which may not be of the proper origin or alignment, our God*-fearing hero is not going to use it – no Sword of Darkness*, no Hand of Glory*, and if possible, no sorcerous brews either (OK, healing potions are exempt, but an Elixir Vitae* is definitely unholy). Similarly, GMs should ask the question, why does the Paladin go on such and such a quest? Eradication of evil is their primary goal of life.

Casting Spells

A Paladin has a Magical Attack of 15, and a Magical Defence of 5 at 1st rank. He casts spells by praying to St. Rocheval (using only verbal components, with the exception of a few requiring special components). As his spiritual training increases, he would be able to cast more spells, and learn more powerful spells. This is represented by his Spiritual Points score, which he expends as he casts a spell (of level equal or less than his rank) and replenishes at dawn after he has prayed to St. Rocheval. (As many minutes as his rank). Terminating a spell before it expires will not give the Paladin any S.P. back.

Spiritual Points (SP)

+3 SP per Rank up

Statistics of a Paladin

His physical statistics are identical to that of a Knight*, and increases each rank as a Knight* does. His MA and MD increases by 1 each rank. He is able to wear up to plate armor without any penalty. He does not obtain any of the special skills of the Knight* however.

Special Abilities of a Paladin

Lay on Hands
By touching a creature, the Paladin may heal it up to as many HP as his rank (himself included). Since the rate is at 1 HP per CR, the healing cannot be done in combat situations, with the exception when it is used with the spell Holy Cure. The Paladin may do it once a day without expending any SP. Each time thereafter, he expends 2 SP, independent of how many HP he actually heals.

Immunity to Diseases and Poison
Due to his purity of spirit and body, the paladin is totally immune to natural diseases, and only suffers half the effects of any poison (or unnatural disease) on him. (Strength of poison is treated the same when making an Endurance throw, but half any damage if successful. If one normally dies from such a poison if unsuccessful, he is only rendered unconscious or loses half his HP.)

Turn Undead (6th rank and above)
The paladin’s eyes glow with a powerful holy white light - he may try this against Skeletons*, Zombies*, Vampires*, Grave Gaunts*, Ghouls*, Rokuro-kubi, corpses animated by Death-Heads*, Mummies*, Wraiths*, Wights*, Spectres*, Mordu*, Cadavers*, Barudath*, and similar creatures. His ‘turning power’ is equivalent to twice his rank. Subtract the creature’s rank equivalent from his turning power, and roll under or equal to that number on a d20. Success indicates that the creature is ‘turned’, and will flee in the opposite direction for d10 minutes. A "1" indicates that the creature takes as many points damage as his turning power. A Paladin may attempt to Turn Undead as many times as his rank per day, and may not use it twice against any one Undead* until one minute has elapsed between the attempts. Each attempt applies to a maximum no. of 4 Undead*, (nearest to the paladin) within 5m in front of the Paladin*.

Forge a Magical Weapon or Armour (8th rank and above)
See later.

Spells of a Paladin

Level One Level Two Level Three Level Four
Bless Becalm Divination Augury
Detection Purification Shield of Faith The Archangel’s Wrath
Light Rocheval’s Sentinel Rocheval’s Sanctuary Rocheval’s Sigilblade

Level Five Level Six Level Seven Level Eight
Fist of God Holy Cure Psychomancy Miracle Restoration
Eye of God Guard of Thurification Exorcism Nexus
Mouth of God Pellinore’s Mount Holy Fires of Judgement Commune

P1-1 Bless
A single being (the Paladin counts as one) is sprinkled with Holy Water*. Hit rolls (melee attacks, missile attacks) made against the recipient of this spell will have a +1 modifier. Friendly creatures around the blessed individual will gain +3 to Morale, including the individual.
Range: 1m, Duration: 2d10 CR
P1-2 Detection
If a ‘detection of evil’ is used, the paladin will be able to feel any emanation of evil coming from a creature, object or place, and determine the strength and general direction. A ‘detection of life’ will determine whether any being within the area is alive with 80% accuracy. Animated objects/creatures have a 60% chance of registering. Suspended Animation* will be unmasked.
Range: 15m, duration: 5 min
P1-3 Light
A sphere of light of torch-brightness is created around the caster or otherwise, on an inanimate target.
Range: 5m, duration: 20 min
P2-1 Becalm
The Paladin matches his MA against up to 4 beings of non-supernatural origin around him. If it works, the beings cease all hostilities against the Paladin, and are in general, calmed down. If any of the unaffected creatures are directly attacked or killed by the Paladin, the spell breaks. The spell also works against Barbarians* who are Berserk* or Bloodraged*, but does not affect individuals who are under the effects of spells like the Warlock’s* Song of Battle*.
Range: 20m, duration: 3d10 CR.
P2-2 Purification
When cast on spoilt food or water, this spell purifies them to a level fit for consumption (enough for 5 people). When cast on an individual who have just been poisoned, the strength of the poison is reduced by 1d6. Damage suffered already is irreversible.
Range: 3m
P2-3 Rocheval’s Sentinel
A Knight* clad in crimson armor (AF:6) appears, armed with a broadsword (d8,5). He will perform any action for as many CR as the Paladin’s rank, but disappears if any blow bypasses his armor, if an indirect attack spells hits him, or if a fatal direct attack spell works. His stats are: ATTACK 18, DEFENCE 10, MAGICAL DEFENCE 11, EVASION 6, Reflexes same as caster, Strength 14.
Range 1m.
P3-1 Divination
The Paladin pictures an inanimate object in his mind, either seen or described to him, and prays for divine inspiration. If it comes, he will be able to estimate its location if the object is within 100m. Success rate is 90% to within 1m of actual location if seen before, and 60-80% if only described (within 5m of actual location) to him. Can be used to divine water sources or metal ores hidden in the ground (70%). This cannot be used for locating trap doors and secret doors.
P3-2 Shield of Faith
From the Paladin’s insignia of the scarlet pointed cross, a glittering wave of white energy coalesces into a magical shield that flits around the Paladin to protect him. The shield has a 1 in 4 chance of blocking a melee attack, missile attack or indirect spell/ring effect. Additionally, a melee hit blocked successfully by the shield will result in amber flames running up the weapon of the person who struck the blow to burn for 1d4 points of damage. (Normal armor does not protect, magic armor subtracts 1 point).
Duration: 1 min, or until hit by indirect spell/ring effect.
P3-3 Rocheval’s Sanctuary
The Paladin sprinkles an area of 8 square metres with Holy Water* when the spell is cast. If any creature of enchanted, evil or summoned nature tries to approach, it will be subject to the caster’s MA, whereby success means the creature is ‘turned’ for 1 minute. Failure implies the being is able to enter the area. Note that Undead* creatures cannot tolerate moving into areas sprinkled with Holy Water* without suffering damage regardless.
Duration: 3 min
P4-1 Augury
The Paladin casts a prophecy by means of a prayer, and watches the flight of birds in the heavens for an omen. The prophecy must be cast on an action to be done in the immediate future to be either beneficial or harmful to him or his party. 85% chance of obtaining the right answer.
Can only be cast during the day and in an outdoor environment.
P4-2 The Archangel’s Wrath
Much like a Sword of Damocles*, this creates an ethereal hammer that resembles a cross, only visible to the target, hanging above his head. If he so desires, the Paladin states a condition in which the hammer of justice will strike the target. ("Free Llara the Seeress within 3 days, or God’s wrath will descend upon your head !"). SPEED 13, Damage 3d6-AF. Only one such spell can be in effect at a time.
Range: 10m, duration: max. 1 year
P4-3 Rocheval’s Sigilblade
A mystical symbol appears on the blade of the weapon endweomered. When it contacts with anything of evil alignment, the sigil glows red hot, and will slice through with a +3 to ABR and Damage. It lasts for 3 strikes, or 24 hours, whichever is sooner. It can only be cast in daylight. If the Paladin is wielding an already enchanted weapon, the effect is non-cumulative beyond +3. For example, a +2 sword imbued with the sigil will do (d8+3,7) against evil creatures and (d8+2,6) against non-evil creatures.
P5-1 Fist of God
A large disembodied fist of bluish white energy, about 1m high appears. If unleashed against an opponent, it has a SPEED of 15, inflicts 2d8+6-AF damage. (Whether it hits or misses its target, it loses some of its energy if used this way; subtract the same 2d4+6 HP from the Fist.) It starts with the same HP as the Paladin’s initial HP, with a DEFENCE of 5, EVASION 3, AF:0. The Fist can be controlled mentally by the Paladin to move around, strike an opponent, or to block a doorway. It cannot do actions such as opening doors or lifting objects.
Range: 10m, duration: 30 min
P5-2 Eye of God
None, save the non-corporeal or invisible can escape the gaze of the paladin. Through walls, floor and doors, the paladin can observe the exact actions of any animate creature(s), but not its surroundings. Even the alignment of the scrutinized being becomes visible. A Transformed* Sorcerer* will show his true form.
Range: 20m, duration: 10 min
P5-3 Mouth of God
The Paladin speaks a Word of power, and 2d8 intelligent creatures of differing alignment from the Paladin are affected if they cannot resist the MA of the Paladin. They will instantly become lawful good for exactly 3 minutes and will also obey the commands of the paladin, Provided the Paladin does not harm them or ask them to do anything ridiculous. The Word strikes agony deep in the Undead*, and if those who fail to resist the spell lose half their current HP immediately. All spells of evil nature of 4th level and below operating within 10m will be dispelled.
P6-1 Holy Cure
Any being afflicted with one or more diseases will be cured. Also, he/she gains 10HP, but this must be casted in conjunction with Lay on Hands. The spell completely eradicates any poison in a creature’s body and can even restore life to a creature apparently killed by the poison, if casted not more than 3 minutes after contamination. Damage done is not healed.
Range: touch
P6-2 Guard of Thurification
On the object or site to be warded, a burning incense is used to draw out a circumference . Any creature approaching to 2m of the Guard will activate it unless the chosen password is uttered. The intruder will be struck by a shower of incandescent sparks each time that he approaches. (SPEED 16, Damage d12-magic bonus of armor). Powdered diamond must be sprinkled over the protected area. For every 100 gold crowns worth, the Guard stays there for 1 week. The whole process of putting the Guard takes 1 minute.
Duration: max 10 weeks
P6-3 Pellinore’s Mount
A heavy Warhorse* with glossy golden hide, fiery red mane and scarlet eyes (Panoptical* vision) appear. It is said to be a gift from Rocheval to the legendary Paladin, Sir Pellinore. The horse obeys the verbal commands of the caster and allows only him to ride. ATTACK 21, DEFENCE 8, MAGICAL DEFENCE 11, EVASION 5, Kick (d10+1,7), Bite (d8+1,6), HP 26. The spell can only be casted once a week. A special request is made to St. Rocheval, who decides whether to bestow the steed and for how long (6 SP is expended at dawn each day that the steed stays with him).
P7-1 Psychomancy
The Paladin casts the spell using the body part of a dead creature. He is then able to converse with the creature’s spirit, provided they have a common Language*. One question may be asked, and the spirit answers truthfully to its knowledge. A high ranking Paladin can speak with the long dead. 7th rank – 1 week, 8th- 1 month, 9th- 1 year, 10th – 10 years, 11th- 50 years, 12th – 100 years. The Paladin ought to have a good reason for casting this spell, otherwise St. Rocheval will not grant it.
Duration: 1 min.
P7-2 Exorcism
By stifling the paranormal energies that sustain a Ghost*, Wraith*, Spectre* or other like beings, the Paladin weakens or destroy it. Match the entity’s MD vs the Paladin’s MA. If the Paladin makes the roll successfully, he has a 60% + 5% per rank above 7th of destroying the entity instantaneously. Even if it is not destroyed, it loses that percentage of its HP. If the Paladin fails to make the MA vs MD roll, the entity still loses 1d4 HP.
P7-3 Holy Fires of Judgement
A conflagration of searing white flames strike up to three creatures at SPEED 17. Creatures of evil alignment receive 3d10+10-AF damage, while other alignments receive 2d10-AF. Undead* are blinded for a full minute (-8 DEFENCE) while others who do not avert their gaze are dazzled for 1 CR. Range 10m. Those who are of good alignment will not be killed by the Fires.
P8-1 Miracle Restoration
This spell restores an individual to full HP instantaneously, eradicates any toxins or diseases, and restores any missing limbs or organs. One who has supposedly died from poisoning could be restored if not more than 6 minutes has elapsed.
P8-2 Nexus
A white halo engulfs the Paladin’s body as he casts the spell. While the spell is in effect, he is able to part water (a trough wide enough for him to cross, up to 8m high, will form); non-magical flames will also part for him to cross. Damage from ring effects and indirect spells cause only half damage.
Duration: 5 min
P8-3 Commune
This powerful spell allows the Paladin to combine his strength with 1-3 other Paladins. The other Paladins may be hundreds of miles away from him, and he may not know them personally, but honor dictates that they should help each other whenever one of their kind should need it. (He is also expected to return the favor to his helpers thereafter). During the duration of the spell, the Paladin can cast his indirect/direct attack spells at +1 SPEED /+1 MA (for each additional Paladin he receives help from). His ATTACK and DEFENCE gains +3, and his weapon is automatically imbued with Rocheval’s Sigil (+3 ABR, damage) for the duration of the spell.
Duration: 3d10 CR, non-cumulative with the Bless spell.
Paladin - Dragon Warriors Wiki (Roleplaying)

Forging a Magical Item

The Paladin may forge an enchanted weapon or armor (+1 at 8th rank, +2 at 9th rank) when he has attained sufficient spiritual perfection. Once he chooses weapon or armor, he cannot switch his expertise over to the other category. The item never turns out to be flawed, being blessed by St. Rocheval. At 10th rank and above, he may choose to forge one of the following items (of the appropriate category). He may only forge one of each item in his lifetime, and each takes one year and a day to make.

  • Sword of the Apostles – This huge two-handed sword has a hilt of platinum alloy, a blade made of Crescentium* steel and has a characteristic fire opal in the center of the hilt which glows when evil is near (like an Eye of Foreboding*). One who wields this sword shimmers like a mirage in combat, and becomes invisible to the Undead*. Anyone of evil alignment who wants to strike the wielder of the sword must resist a MA of 22 each CR, or be repelled away. The sword is (d12,8).
  • Partisan of Justice – With a razor sharp thrusting point, two menacing blades set below its spear head, and a shaft made from the rare black oak found only in the Drakken Peaks*, the enchantment on this polearm makes it feel incredibly heavy and practically unusable to the one who is not noble at heart. To one who is chivalrous and honorable, the Partisan feels extremely light and strikes for (2d8,6). Non-magical weapons which are struck by the Partisan have a 40% chance of breaking (or –20 durability points, if you use the system).
  • Bow of Celestial Fury – When one draws the string of this magnificent bow, an ethereal arrow bathed in white flames appears. The bow bestows a +3 to Marksmanship, and the arrow strikes for (d12,5). This can only be used eight times a day.

  • Pellinore’s Shield – This large kite-shaped shield is inlaid with rubies making up the scarlet cross of the Paladin’s insignia. It blocks melee blows with a 1 in 4 chance, and bestows the user a +4 DEFENCE. Additionally, it absorbs 10 points of destructive energy (ring effects, or indirect spells) which would normally injure the bearer of the Shield. If used together with a Shield of Faith spell, the spell’s blocking efficiency for melee and missile attacks increases to 1 in 2.
  • Armor of the White Dragon – A suit of plate armor made from Mithral[1] and silver, this enables the wearer to summon the apparition of a ghostly white Dragon* around him once a day (Characters of 3rd rank and below have to do a Morale Check). This is equivalent to the effects of the Warlock’s* Invulnerability* spell. The ‘Dragon*’ acts as a barrier that is impervious to all spells, ring-effects, creatures, extremes of temperatures and all weapons (magical or not), in both directions. He is able to move at 5m/CR. Spell expiry – d20 roll. The armor otherwise counts as +2 plate (AF:7).
  • Helm of Valor – This gives the wearer +4 MAGICAL DEFENCE, and makes him and his companions (up to 4) immune to Fright attacks (shock attacks, and morale checks), whether due to ghostly manifestation or malevolent sorcery. He is also able to go into Bloodrage* once a day.

[1] Mithral – "The Gods' Metal". An extremely precious and rare whitish metal, stronger than any other metal known to man.

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