Darbish^ folk share their wild land with another, more elusive population of fae; those beings known locally piskies, which share their general nature with the beings known in Albion* as Imps*.

Piskies appear to be more social by nature than the solitary imp *, though they prefer to work alone, and indeed can be a plague upon an individual or household they decide to do mischief to. But they can be as good as they are mischievous, at times bringing in a farmers harvest, at others riding a draught horse through the night so it cannot be worked the next day, helping a widow out in her daily chores or leading someone to lose all sense of time and place and wander helplessly in confusion until they dropped down into an exhausted sleep. Their fickle nature and ability to vanish in the blink of an eye can make dealing with them bewildering indeed.

In appearance, much like the Imp *, piskies appear to all be identical to those human observers able to spot their mouse-sized forms. They wear wigs of grey lichen beneath bright red caps. Their bright bird-like eyes stare out of their small, wrinkled faces. In dress they wear white, green and brown.

Their voices sound like the droning of bees, and though they favour snails over the dragonflies of their impish cousins they are no easier to snare.

Stats: Piskies are in all ways identical to Imps* (see Dragon Warriors Bestiary).

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