This page is for links to notable podcasts that discuss Dragon Warriors. These podcasts should go beyond a simple news item.

The Adventuring Party (10th February 2010)
External Link: http://theadventuringparty.libsyn.com/con-february-2010-warpcon/
- A Dragon Warriors review and brief after-play report starting at 14:11. When played from the beginning, this whole podcast is a rather amusing description of WarpCon 2010 (Ireland), which would appear to be a beer convention with a few RPGs thrown in!

Dice of Doom (23rd July 2010)
External Link: http://diceofdoom.com/blog/2010/07/the-dice-of-doom-podcast-001-%E2%80%93-dd-essentials/
- A brief Dragon Warriors review starting at 2:35.

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