An unseen spirit from The Thousand Islands that can be used by a black magic practitioner to harm someone. The Polong is a formerly human spirit enslaved by another for personal use. Like the Hantu Raya and Toyol, it has a master who is usually, but not always, a dukun.

The Polong is a Magical Being created from the blood of a murdered person and this blood is put into a ritual bottle for one to two weeks before the spirit is invoked with incantations and magical rituals ( This costs 10xp) .

Two weeks after the invocation, the owner will start to hear weeping sounds coming out of the bottle. Then he cuts his finger and drains the blood into the bottle to feed the newborn demon ( This costs 4 hp). This is a sign of allegiance and creates a bond of servitude towards the master. The blood which feeds the demon ties both parties together: one as Master and the other as the servant.

No one has ever illustrated the figure of the demon but all that have the ability to see the unseen agree that it is an evil and hideous abomination.

The Polong is very similar to the Pelesit, it becomes furious when not fed and will start to harm people around the Master until sated. Normally the owner will keep the Polong inside the bottle but unleashes it when needed; if one who is not the Master releases it it will roam the area possessing people at random and causing them to injure themselves. People who have been attacked by the Polong are left with bruises, a few markings and almost always have blood coming out of their mouths.

During possession, a Polong will not listen to anyone except its owner. Usually the owner will come and pretentiously 'exorcise' the demon in order to get money from people. But in some cases a polong which is "sent out" by its owner refuses to free the body that it has attacked. In fact it goes a step further by causing more permanent suffering to the victim trying to eradicate their mind and take the body for itself. At this stage a dukun or other learned type is called to cast out the polong.

The polong is easily weakened by black pepper seeds ( usually mixed with oil and few cloves of garlic). Normally, the dukun will place the seeds on certain parts of the body to cast off the polong. He will then recite traditional banishment charms until the demon is thrown out. The tormented polong will cry and plead, asking for the recitations to cease. It will then confess to the dukun the name of its master. However, it is not uncommon for the polong to name some other person to misguide the dukun. Hence, the admission must be taken cautiously.

A polong may only be permanently destroyed by breaking its bottle.

It possesses with a MA of 18. And inflicts 1d4 hp damage with a MA of 16.

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