Often seen weeping by a roadside in a white dress, the Pontianak seeks revenge against the world which betrayed it, in parts of the archipelago these beings are also known as Kuntilanak.

The Pontianak usually announces its presence through baby-like cries or appears as a beautiful young women in order to get close enough to frighten or kill the unlucky person ( usually male) who enters or passes through their territory.

Disguised as a beautiful wan young woman to attract its victim (usually male), its presence sometimes can be detected by the fragrance of an orchid followed by an awful stench afterwards.

The location of an unseen pontianak can be tricky to determine, the distorted and strange nature of its screams make it hard to know the creatures location. Garudan tales indicate that if the cry is soft it means that the pontianak is near and if it is loud then it must be far away.

A Pontianak kills its victims by digging into their stomachs with its razor-sharp fingernails and devouring their organs. Pontianaks must feed in this manner in order to sustain their undead forms. In some cases where the Pontianak desires revenge against a male individual, it rips out his sex organs with its hands.

It is believed that Pontianaks can locate prospective prey by sniffing out scents from clothes left outside to dry. For this reason, Garudans refuse to leave any object of clothing outside overnight.

Having an iron nail, and iron nerves, helps to fend off potential attacks by Pontianak, the nail being used to plunge into the back of the Pontianak's neck. When an iron nail is plunged into the back of a Pontianak's neck or the apex of her head, she will revert to her former living self... until the nail is pulled out again... or works itself loose...

The Pontianaks hunger is lessened by the scent of banana flowers and its intangible spirit is said to reside in them during the day manifesting beneath them

The Pontaniak uses the Statistics for an embodied Barudath*.

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