Pricolici – Vampire Wolf

(Patrick Murray AKA Rumtap)

Basic Information

There are many species of vampire in Legend, many of whom have the ability to turn into other creatures such as bats or owls or wolves. It is solely the wolf form that the pricolici has adopted at the expense of all others. These undead hounds hunt the night in search of blood and flesh to devour.


During the dark hours of night he pricolici appears as a large wolf or hound with evil intelligent eyes. At rest in its coffin at day it will return to its “human” form.

Known or Supposed Origins

Legends say that the pricolici were once werewolves that have risen as vampires. Others say that they are malicious, violent men who return from the grave, in order to continue harming other humans.

Special Abilities

The pricolici has all the traditional weaknesses of a vampire, sunlight, garlic, running water. It can also be driven off with the symbol of the cross (or other holy symbol it new in life) as can other vampires. The pricolici cannot mesmerize like other vampires.

Geographical Distribution

Pricolici are commonly found in Hudristania, Emphidor, Analika and Molasaria. Although these creatures may be found in other parts of Legend.

Average Statistics

ATTACK 18 Claws/Fangs d6+2, 5
DEFENCE 8 Armour Factor 0
MAGICAL DEFENCE 9 Movement: 15m(30m)
Health Points: 4d6 +18 Rank Equivalent: 6th

STEALTH 17 Vision: Darksight


Only takes half damage from unenchanted weapons

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