Religion and Spirituality

In this sub-branch to the Lore of Legend* will be the differing religions or spiritualities of Legend*, including comparisons with religions in the real world that inspired or approximate to those religions or spiritualities.

It is safe to say the predominant and arguably competing faiths in Legend*, as remains the case in the world today with their equivalents, are:
  • The "True Faith"* (approximates comfortably to Christianity).
  • The "Ta'ashim Faith"* (approximates comfortably to Islam).

Other religions discussed in this section include:

It is worthwhile mentioning here that in international relations the major issue occurring in Legend* at the time of the game-setting are the first rumblings of the same era in world history, the Crusades* (by the same name in both worlds). The Crusades* are an attempt by the True Faith* countries to wrest lands from the Ta'ashim* faiths.

The other significant activity, perhaps, is the proselytism occurring by both major faiths into, for instance, the Eastern Lands* (largely comprising the Nomad Khanates*) and the Northern Lands* (particularly, Mercania* and, to a lesser extent, Thuland*). Certainly in world history at the approximate time in history, Scandinavian kings and Khaganates / Slavic / Turkic peoples accepted, in differing cases, one of the two religions proselytising in those regions at this time in history.

That is not to say that there is no continuation - in pockets of Legend* - of adherence to the pre-monotheist religions. Places where one would expect to find animism, ancestor worship - or outright Demon* worship - and the like are the Mungoda Continent*, Krarth* and the Exotic Places like Batubatan*, Minj* and Khitai*. One would expect that if Legend* follows the course of history on Earth, in coming centuries an era of colonialism and missionary activity to these lands will follow... at great human cost.