Basic Information

These great horned beasts roam the jungles, plains and forests of Mungoda* and other strange Southern Lands*. The Rhino of The Thousand Islands and southern Khitai are small, rather shy beasts and this entry will mainly concern itself with the Rhino of Mungoda*; These range from the donkey sized Abada, to the Black, to the White, to the rare semi-acquatic Emela-Ntouka.

The Emela-Ntouka in particular has a ferocious temper and will lash out viciously at any encroachment on it's territory.

They are often termed Monoceros in Coradian* lands despite the beast often bearing two horns upon it's snout. Rhinos are herbivorous mammals with poor eyesight, bad tempers and a lethal horn or horns set upon their snout.


The Abada is a small grey animal about the same build as a donkey; with a boar like tail and two strangely twisted horns on its snout.

The Black is more heavy set with armoured scutes along its side and with one short but sharp horn upon its snout. It is about the size of a large Bull *.

The White is a massive animal with longer smoother lines than the black but with a huge single horn on it's snout accompanied by a smaller secondary horn and a turn of speed that belies its considerable bulk. It can grow to two metres at the shoulder and weighs between one and a half to three ton.

The Emela-Ntouka is a massive beast of comparable shoulder height with an elephant, it's skin is brown-gray and it's tail is long and broad which is believed to assist it in moving about in the jungle lakes and rivers that are it's habitat. It has a single huge horn on it's snout which has been described as being formed of ivory like that of an elephant rather than the dark horns of its smaller cousins.

Known or Supposed Origins

Apparently natural beasts they nonetheless pose a threat to all who encounter them.

Special Abilities

Like the northern Unicorn * the horns of these southern beasts are said to be proof against poison when powdered.

Rhino hides are often used in the construction of heavy armours in those places where steel is rare or unknown.

Geographical Distribution

The four beasts noted above are native to the Mungoda Continent*, however specimens of Blacks and Whites were once used in the gladitorial combats of the Selentine Empire* and an Abada may well be found in some Ta'ashim * menagerie. It is not thought that anything short of powerful magic could cage an angered Emela-Ntouka.

Average Statistics

For a Rhino of Khitai or The Thousand Islands use the official stats for a Wild Boar.

For an Abada use the stats for the He-Goats^ outlined elsewhere on this site.

For a Black use the official stats for a Bull* but add +10 hp, +1 AF and +1 to Armour Bypass and damage.

White stats are below, stats for Emela-Ntouka are in Parentheses.

ATTACK 18 ( 20) Horn: d8, 6. ( Horn: d10, 8)
DEFENCE 7 ( 8) Armour Factor 2 ( 5)
MAGICAL DEFENCE 2 ( 3) Movement: 10m/30m run(10m/15m swim)
EVASION 5 ( 4)
Health Points: 2d6+10( 4d6 +10) Rank Equivalent: 4th (6th)

STEALTH 10 Vision: Normal+ poor. But good hearing.
PERCEPTION 6 Both Whites and Emela charge as Bull * +4 hp dam.

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