Russ Nicholson

Russ Nicholson (born in Scotland) was an internal illustrator on Book 6 of the Dragon Warriors series.


Russ' illustrations are notable for their intricate, highly detailed depictions of a vast array of fantasy worlds. Russ now specialises in high quality black & white and colour illustrations for books, book covers, RPG games, web sites, and as a visualiser.

Other Works

  • Many other books have also been illustrated by Russ, including The Fiend Folio, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (1982), Warhammer (1982 - 1995) and Fabled Lands (1995-6) and more recently, Le Grimoire, and the Lone Wolf series (2010).

Involvement in Dragon Warriors Today

Russ illustrated the Lands of Legends Map - as printed in DWR - which is available as a free download.

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