(Christopher Loh)

To become a Samurai, a character must have Strength and Reflex scores of at least 10 and a Psy score of at least 9.

- Only human can be Samurai.
- Starting stats are as follows
- HP 1d6+7
- Attack 13, Defence is 7
- Magical Defence 3
- Evasion 4
- Stealth 13, Perception 5
- Starting equipment, lantern, flint & tinder, backpack, 2-20 florins and their specialty weapon of choice.

They progress as knights.

AF limitation is to oriental armour which is around DW equivalent of AF 3, that would be the default limit. They cannot use shield. Take armour penalty like a mystic. They will be reluctant to wear leather armour as it is worn by the lower class.

To compensate for the lowering of their AF and the lack of shield, they are given ki strike. The ki strike for samurai is suppose to enhance their strength to 19 for one round. Ki is recover at sunrise. The samurai can use 1 time at level 1. This is increase by 1 for every 2 levels gain. +1 bonus to damage to at 2nd level, +2 at 8th level and +3 at 12th level Surprise at 1d8 at 3rd level.

Mainguache skill at 4th level - Can ONLY be used with Katana (D10, 4) and Wikazashi (D10, 3)

At 5th level onwards, they are able to start the process of awakening the latent potential in their katana OR their wikiazashi to +1 by sacrificing 35xp. At 7the level, they able to raise it +2 by sacrificing 75xp. At 10th level, they able to raise it to +3 by sacrificing 125xp. The process will take 20 days for +1, 100 days for +2 and 300days for +3. Anyone else other than the samurai will NOT be able to benefit from the bonuses in the katana or the wikazashi. The samurai can have only 1 katana and 1 wikazashi enchanted at their entire life time. If the weapon is being destroyed or lost, the samurai will lose an equivalent amount of xp that is spent in it. Thus a +3 katana that is being destroyed or lost will cost the samurai an ADDITIONAL 235xp on top of the existing 235xp that is being invested in it. This can bring their levels down. That is why samurai are going to guard their katana with their life...

Immue to fear at 5th level Cause fear at 6th level in all non-rank normal humanoids that has no adventuring class (or GM’s discretion) if they fail to roll above the Samurai’s rank on 2d10. A 20th level Samurai will automatically cause fear to normal humans if they choose to do so. The Samurai can control this power, turning it on and off (as it were) at will. Any characters or creatures struck by fear flee from the Samurai or surrender to him, depending on the circumstances. A creature that passes its saving throw is immune to this effect for the remainder of the encounter..

9th level Great shout Enhance strength to 19 for 2 rounds. Enemies are reduced to 0 attack, 0 defence and lose their action for the next two rounds if they fail to save against Magical defence. The "magical attack" figure to be used is 10+samurai's level. So at level 9, the shout will be treated as if having a magical attack of 19. At the same time, the samurai must have NOT have utilised Ki in the first place. Great shout will utilised ALL their ki for the day.

Soft RP restrictions
- His honour... much more demanding than those of western knights
- His family... Obey the ruler to the point of death
- Western guys tends to be fascinated with the katana's keen edge... they might find ways to "borrow" and take a look at it.

Equipments - Oriental lacquered bamboo armour (AF3), dagger, lantern, flint-&-tinder, backpack, 25 Florins, katana (d10,4) and wikazashi (d10,4)

Skill of mighty
- Same as knight.
- In addition, they can spend a skill of the mighty slot to upgrade their AF to Chainmail.

- The lack of high AF for Samurai is likely to mean the death of a samurai in missile combat.
- Samurai Ki strike is more versatile since it enhance strength and not just damage. However it is not as damaging when compared to the kensai version of ki strike.
- The free Mainguache skill at 4th level can ONLY be used with their katana and wikazashi. This is to give them additional incentive to prevent it from losing it. At the same time, it sucks to find a new magical longsword and not able to use it with mainguache... sniggers :D
- The potential raw damage output is higher for samurai when compared to knights since they receive additional bonus to their damage and can use magical weapons. However it is still relatively being controled with the low AF and the use of ki points.
- The awakening of the spirit within the blade is to tie the samurai to their blade further. The time and the xp spend in enchanting it is going to be a steep cost for the samurai and should prevent the abuse of it. To put it in perspective, a 235xp sacrifice for a +3 sword is equivalent to a 6th level character...

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