Environmental Awareness

Man has always strived to control his environment, to level mountains, contain and divert rivers, shelter himself from the elements and overcome obstacles. His mastery of his environment is thanks to his willingness to alter his environment, construction of tools and using available materials. In warfare the sapper has contributed immensely and unlike all other professions his skill is not in his skill with the sword nor his knowledge of the arcane arts but the ways of altering his environment. With his coordination, unskilled workers can quickly work together to assemble barriers, bridge rivers, construct traps, conceal and reinforce structures.

The profession is a challenging one since the advantage of the sapper is that given enough time he can breach walls, cross rivers, construct and operate siege weapons. In most underworlds the Sapper would be best for building defensive locations, breaching doors and walls and would be a master of enclosed environments where movement is restricted and offering opportunities to conceal traps and other structures. The only problem is if the party have to move quickly, in such cases these professions may be able to make minor changes to their environment, spotting structural weaknesses and exploiting opportunities to change the world around them.

The full details of this profession are contained in the attached spreadsheet (see below).

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