(Tom Clare)

This is an amusing rule (at least for the referee), especially for parties with a magician or two.

Those crossing rough water may be required to make a strength roll to avoid seasickness. Magicians especially tend to be poor seamen; a character possessing magic points suffers a -4 strength modifier to the seasickness roll (referees may or may not decide to exclude Water Elementalists* from this failing).

Roll made with…
Choppy 1d20
Rough 2d10
Stormy 2d20

A failed roll indicates that the character has become ill. He suffers a -1 penalty to all rolls for the rest of the voyage or one day, whichever is shorter. A roll that failed by 5 or more has left the character incapacitated for the voyage or the next 1d6 days, whichever is shorter; he then suffers the -1 penalty to all rolls for the subsequent 1d3 days.

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