Elemental beings come in many forms but some of the strangest are also some of those most rarely encountered by mortal men. Skiapyr are the elemental spirits of the earths blood, magma,these ethereal beings spend their existence within the ever swirling currents and flows below the earths surface. They rarely come into contact with man, only visiting the surface where great volcanos or rifts have opened bringing the two worlds into contact. One such place is the immense lava lake beneath Kalugen Keep in Krarth.

Whilst friendly with those who worship fire or carry an elemental fire symbol ( such as a Fire Elementalist )they seem to take an almost hellish delight in the effects their touch has on mortal flesh.

Able to move freely across all surfaces except water and ice, their high pitched hellishly child-like voices scream in delight when they spot something to burn.

Skiapyr are immune to all flames and heat even those produced by magic. They can only be harmed by magical weapons and non-magical armour counts as AC: 0 versus their ethereal claws.

Other stats are identical to Fire Elementals*.

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