Southern Lands

These lands comprise those south of the New Selentine Empire* - in essence, the lands south of the Empire's* front against the Ta'ashim* believers. The map is depicted on pages 11-12 of Book 6. The ancient ruins of Kaikuhuru* lie beneath the shifting desert sands.

Nation / Principality Location Gamebook Reference
Caliphate of Zhenir* Centre north of this region Bk 6, pp44-48
Emirate of Marazid* Westernmost of this region Bk 6, pp44-48
Principalities of the Crusade* North-westernmost of this region Bk 6, pp48-50
Sultanate of Opalar* Covers eastern aspect of this region Bk 6, pp44-48
Ta'ashim Harogarn* Thin vertical slice of north-east of this region Bk 6, p50


These lands approximate closely to the lands of the Middle East on Earth. In the specific entries these similarities will be explored.