Spriggans exist in one form or another throughout the Coradian Lands, though they are especially prevalent in the western regions of Ellesland.

These spiteful fey creatures act as guardians of ancient sites, burial mounds and dolmen rings.

Spriggans* of Darbon^

Spriggans* in Darbon^ are like spriggans* elsewhere in Ellesland*; groups of them gather, prowling about every cliff top or granite cairn where treasure might be buried, for they were appointed to protect it in the ancient past.

They also haunt the many ancient burial mounds and dolmen-tombs which dot Darbon^. The spriggans of Darbon^ appear much as do the spriggans* of other parts of Ellesland*, but it is said that the oldest of their kind crawled out of the stones of Darbon^ and indeed the spriggans* of the region do display somewhat greater powers than their kin in other areas. Groups of spriggans* gathered together can summon powerful elemental forces to smite or harry their enemies.

Stats: The spriggans* of Darbon^ are identical to those of other areas except that they can, when gathered together, summon forces similar to those of an Air Elementalist* once per day. ie. 2 Spriggans* may cast a 2nd level spell or 2 1st level, 6 may cast a single level 6 spell or a number of lesser spells.

When the bands of Spriggans* gather together under the winter night skies only the truly foolish approach.

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