(Patrick Murray AKA Rumtap)

Basic Information

There are many types of vampires in the world, undead creatures that hunger for the living. The strigoi are a particularly brutal and bloody breed of vampire. Whereas other vampires will make some pretence at appearing as they did while human, the strigoi embraces their monstrous side and holds nothing back. The female of the species is known as a strigoica.


If one should come across the resting place of a strigoi during the day and slowly slide back the lid of the coffin you will encounter an ugly tall thin human like creature with long elongated features and limbs, grey pallid flesh, thin wispy balding hair and long claw like finger nails.

As horrid as the creature appears at rest it is nothing when compared to its appearance after the sun has set. The strigoi’s body bulks up with super natural muscle and it towers above most humans at 2 to 2.5 metres tall. Talons like steel sprout from its monstrous fingers and toes. Its head resembles that of a giant bat with large pointed ears and long pointed jaw full of deadly sharp fangs. If that wasn’t enough, on nights of the full moon the creature sprouts large bat like wings. It is truly a creature of horror.

Known or Supposed Origins

It is believed that centuries ago a particularly bloody insane murderer was turned by a vampire. In his lunacy and bloodlust he abandoned all remnants of his humanity and became the first strigoi. It is said that he still spreads his curse to this day.

Special Abilities

The strigoi has all the traditional weaknesses of a vampire, sunlight, garlic, running water. It can also be driven off with the symbol of the cross (or other holy symbol it new in life) as can other vampires but its rank is considered d4 points higher when calculating the result due to the insanity of the beast. The strigoi has a violent bloodlust and will never bother to mesmerize its victims but instead will go straight in for the kill and in fact may even go berserk in combat. The strigoi retains nothing of its former self so will loose any skills and abilities it may have had while alive.

Geographical Distribution

Strigoi are commonly found in Hudristania, Emphidor, Analika and Molasaria. Although these creatures may be found in other parts of Legend.

Average Statistics

ATTACK 22 Claws d8+2, 6
DEFENCE 13 Does not wear armour but only takes half damage from non-magical weapons
MAGICAL DEFENCE 9 Movement: 10m(20m) Flying – 60m
EVASION 6 Note: Strength 19 and reflexes 18
Health Points: 24+3d4 Rank Equivalent: 7th

STEALTH 17 Vision: darksight

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