Style Guide

No, this is not the section for fashion advice based on Dragon Warriors adventuring!

Here I thought it would be useful to set out some style issues, to create uniformity.

General Style

Generally speaking, I would love for this wiki to have the appearance, ultimately, of a Wikipedia. Hence:
  1. Words should link to other pages on the Wiki. The "Suggest Links" button is a great gadget for quickly "wikifying" an article.
  2. I am not averse to links externally, but these should be type in full and clearly denoted as external links - i.e. internal Wiki links should be the default. For example; "External Link:".
  3. Please use, as I have in this article, the "Subheading" paragraph style instead of "Normal" for the subheadings in the Wiki.
  4. Only use the "Heading" Style if an article has a significant component that merits a large heading within an article. As a rule, use the Heading style if you are raising subject matter therein that would, some time in future, likely merit its own article page in the Wiki.

Example of Styles:




The article on Volucreths is an example of the style I hope we can use.

Referencing the Gamebooks

I would prefer also if something is a direct reference to something in the gamebooks that:
  1. There are no verbatim extracts from the gamebooks, so as to tread carefully on copyright issues.
  2. At the top of the article there is a clear italicised reference and link to where, in the gamebooks, one might read about that subject. For example; "(Book 6, pp15-18)".
Wayne Imlach's article on Warlocks, I think, demonstrates well the way to preserve the integrity of the gamebooks whilst expanding on unclear or open areas of new intellectual endeavour.

If an article describes a brand new concept that is not found within any of the the gamebooks, then clearly state the writer's name or known alias at the top of the article (instead of a gamebook reference). For example; "(Joe Smith)".

"Canonical" References

Following from the last point, and even though at the time of writing there was a note about this on the Main Page of the Wiki, it is worth recounting that:
  • When referencing specific matter that occurs in the Dragon Warriors 1.0 or Dragon Warriors 1.1 gamebooks, use the Asterisk (*) after that word/phrase or fact to designate that the information can be found in the gamebooks. Do not fuss with specific references, if you really must give a citation (which is not sought or really intended) use the Small 10pt Italics at the top to indicate pages (using "(Bk 6, p23)", for example) where subject matter in the Wiki article occurs.
  • When referencing specific matter that occurs in related books that are set in the Lands of Legend - currently the Bloodsword Series, Golden Dragon Series,Chronicles of the Magi novels and Ordo Draconis e-zine - use the Caret (^) after that word/phrase or fact to designate that the information can be found in the 'canonical books that are not part of the Dragon Warriors RPG'. Again, don't refer to page references in the Wiki article itself, it will spoil the flow of text content.

Please always mark canonical info correctly; never use the asterisk or caret for your own fan-generated content. The intention of this system is that, over time, as GMs add their own self-made content, it will be clear to other GMs interested in using that material which material comes from the gamebooks (i.e. is 'canonical') and which is otherwise.


Check out, in the section you are working on, whether a template exists. I am hoping to have a Creature and Nation template in the initial stages. Templates will enable there to be uniformity in style, and thereby create suggestions for what content might be worth adding.

Using Your Name

I'd be grateful, if you can cope with it, for you to use your name in real life. I totally appreciate if you do not wish to do this, but my hope is that we will ultimately have entries reading "RJ Lambert suggests .... whereas PJ Johnson believes ..." This gives GMs a point of reference if they want to explore a particular bent or POV (point of view).

Using Threads to Raise Debates

I hope we do not have edit-wars here (look that term up in Wikipedia if you don't know what I mean). My hope is that if there is a view different to what a person has added, inside that article create a thread. Then hopefully a consensus can be reached, or failing that a recording in the article of the 2 POV and, if it is a major issue of interpretation, a listing in the Conflict Debates section. You can hopefully see now why I'd like edits to be signed off - so that we can easily reference the different POVs if an article becomes disputed, and the agreement is to list the different POVs in the article.


At present there is one administrator, inventively named DW_Wiki_Admin. The Wiki is currently appointing moderators. All new users invited in are invited as Users only, and need to request permission to become Writers. Those users who are presently Writers can edit at will.


Have fun! Use a relatively formal style, like Wikipedia, but feel free to use humour to lighten the mood. Dragon Warriors is a game after all ladies and gents, not a lifestyle!

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