Surviving Extreme Environments

(Wayne Imlach)

The Cruel World

Monsters and traps aren’t the only hazards adventurers might face while exploring the wild places of Legend*. Extremes of climate, from the freezing expanse of the Gnawing Wastes* to the burning sands of the Desert of Songs*, can also prove to be deadly to the foolhardy or unprepared. The following rules cover arctic, desert and sea environments, as well as going without food or water for extended periods of time (accessible via hyperlinks).

Rules Application

These rules are mainly for situations where the characters find themselves stuck in extremes, so should not be used in 'mundane' situations, such as if the characters are travelling from one village to another on a cold winters day. It also assumes appropriate moderate clothing is being worn, with benefits for wearing something actually suited to the weather. Just wearing good furs or staying indoors can completely mitigate any losses from simply cool temperatures (and the GM shouldn't even ask the player to make a roll).