Tales of Legend

Elleslandic Legends

  • An example is that of Mook-hel-lak, the legendary monster of the lake upon which Lakstead* has its shore on the border between Albion* and Thuland* (read the Lakstead* entry for a retelling of the various versions of this legend*).
  • In RJ Lambert's PBEM campaign Peter McDonnell (aka Haraigh) tells a similar tale from Cornumbria*:
Haraigh smiles " Reminds me o' a place back home, loch Argle. There is said to be a monster that lives in the loch, that does not show its self much. Tales both good and bad are told aboot it. It is said to have helped saint Brendin defeat a demon that almost had the better of him. It is also said that it ate a man that was better than most, but then the Lord moves in strange ways. Mayhap it be just a force o' nature, mayhap it be a thing o' evil. I dina know but it be large by all tales, an' prestigious strong. It is said to have once crushed a twenty foot boat just with its tale. I never heard o' it fightin' anybody except that demon, just crushing and eating. " Haraigh suddenly grins " But it might just be a trick o' the eyes after all, and the rest made up around the fire on cold boring nights. Another mead innkeeper! . "

Legends of Other lands