The Drowned

(Tom Clare)

On stormy nights strange blue lights are sometimes seen out at sea. These are the death-lanterns of the drowned, those seafarers who died without proper rites, and whom the sea has kept for itself. But while the wind carries salt-spray, the Drowned may, for a time, return to the shores of the living.

They appear as drowned corpses, pallid and puckered, and dripping with brine and seaweed. Older Drowned men will be festooned with the miscellany of the sea – barnacles, shellfish, and scuttling crabs. They may clutch a rusty shortsword or harpoon, or a barnacled oar, or a lantern lit with cold, blue flames.

The warm fire lights of living men attract them, though they cannot approach within a few feet of the yellow radiance. It is a dreadful experience to step outside into the rain for more firewood, and suddenly find oneself walking among a cluster of still, cold, drowned men!

The Drowned are not necessarily hostile to the living; some stories tell of the revenants peering through windows into their former homes to check on loved ones, or appearing out of the night to give silent warning to erstwhile companions recklessly preparing to set out on the sea upon the eve of a storm. But many possess a violent jealousy of those still living, and walk the coastal roads during torrential nights seeking anyone foolish enough to be abroad in such evil weather.

They are often encountered in small groups – the crew of a once-proud vessel – and can be formidable en mass. However the first fingers of dawn will send them shambling back into the depths.


All mortals beholding the drowned must make a 1d8 Fright attack*.


The coat of living armour worn by an old drowned man gives him a 1d4 armour factor.

Average statistics

ATTACK 15 Fists (d3+1, 3)
Oar (d6+1, 4)
Harpoon (2d4+1, 5)
Shortsword (d8+1, 4)
DEFENCE 7 Armour Factor (1d4)
MAGICAL DEFENCE 7 Movement: 10m(20m)
Health Points: 1d10+4 Rank Equivalent: 2nd

STEALTH 14 Vision: darksight


1d6: 1-4 = none; 5 = good; 6 = bountiful.
Any treasure possessed by the Drowned will almost always be stowed away in their resting place under the waves. Trickery or coercion would be needed to get the revenants to retrieve it.

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