The Small Folk

The Small Folk

The Small Folk of Darbon^ are a strange and secretive fae folk, though perhaps they are of the same breed that gave rise to the earth-bound Halfling* race they carry features which mark them as at least partly Elven* in their formation.

Most of the Darbish^ see them as gentle, beautiful beings though still dangerous in their own way. On rare occasions they come into isolated homes of the common rural folk at times particularly those whose occupants are sickly, old or destitute. They hang the homes with wild flowers and entertain with, often quite shocking, songs, dancing or tomfoolery.

Their more usual haunts are; within deep woodland dells, in hidden gardens clouded in perfumed mists, upon the unreachable cliff ledges looking out over the grey waves or in the shelter of those moorland cairns not already claimed by less savory beings. Seeing such sights is a rarity for human eyes, and those that trespass on their grounds are lost forever…

The Small Folk are a lively, graceful and slender folk, about knee high to most humans. They are fleet of foot but can on occasion be seen riding upon hares when great haste is required. Upon feast days and the like the females dress in satin and velvet and are adorned with silver, diamonds and gold. The males dress in the manner of soldiers or huntsmen but on other occasions wear pale blue jerkins and green breeches.

Their eyes are large, dark and luminous, the females have pale skin and delicate features, but the males features are rougher and their skin is a deep dusky hue.

They are said to worship the stars themselves at uncanny moonlit ceremonies, conduct strange rites in their secret glens and steal away goats and people to provide food and care for their rare, precious young.

Those people stolen are trapped forever in a fae holding if they partake of any food or drink therein and the Small Folk are not above violence in order to hold onto that which they have seized.


Average Small Folk.

ATT= 9. Dagger ( d4, 3) or Bow ( d6, 3).
DEF= 5. AF= 0. (1 if dressed for hunting or war).
MD= 6. Movement 10m (15m)
EVA= 5.
Health= 1d6 + 1.
Stealth= 16 Perception= 12.

Special Abilities:

- Shapechange (once per day into something of approximate size eg. Goat, child etc.)

- Illusion (once per day.)

A number of Small Folk display the spell casting abilities of a 4th rank Sorcerer* or Warlock*.

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