Tongue Collector

(Original design Donald Lamont & Anthony Stiller)

Basic Information

The Tongue Collector is a rare and solitary creature that haunts the cold dark forests bordering remote communities.


This macabre being stands over 6 feet tall, is sheathed in a thick leathery hide, and mottled with shades of the deep wood. It has and overall humanoid appearance though its emaciated stature and its cold soulless eyes give away its Fae nature. The Tongue Collector is well equipped for its predatory lifestyle with long limbs ending in stick like thin digits and a large mouth with many teeth. The index finger of each hand ends in a sickle shaped claw. These are essential to its special talent and hunting style.

Known or supposed origins

No one is certain, though many scholars have supposed that it is a creature created by some kind of Fae magic gone awry.

Special Abilities

Tongue collectors are masters of camouflage and stalking. They also have the unique gift of mimic sorcery. Upon slaying an unwary traveler it will use its sickle like claw to remove the tongue of its victim and then implant it in its normally tongueless mouth. After this gruesome act the Tongue Collector eats the rest of the remains in a grisly feast of crunching bones and torn flesh. From then on it will be able to perfectly imitate the sounds and speech patterns of its victim. It will then linger on the outskirts of nearby villages learning the habits of its people, waiting tolure others who may know the victim to a quiet dark place in the woods and eat them. This next victim may have its tongue removed and the cycle of lure and kill begins again.

Geographical Distribution

Solitary and rare these creatures are found in Fae haunted woods in colder climes. Their favourite prey being Humans*, Tongue Collectors will most likely be found lurking around the edges of remote farming and border communities.

Average Statistics

ATTACK 17 Claws and Fangs (d8+2, 6)
DEFENCE 12 Armour Factor (3: leathery skin)
MAGICAL ATTACK Mimic Victim must roll vs intelligence on d20 or be fooled.
MAGICAL DEFENCE 16 Movement: 15m(30m)
Health Points: 3d6+5 Rank Equivalent: 4th


Further Notes

RJ Lambert notes the mimicry abilities of this creature are reminiscent of the guile of the Yener.

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