The Toyol or Tuyul is a small child spirit invoked by a dark sorcerer of the Thousand Islands from a dead human foetus using black magic. It is possible for unscrupulous people to buy a toyol from such a dukun.

A person who owns a toyol uses it mainly to steal things from other people, or to do mischief. If money or jewellery keeps disappearing mysteriously from a house, a toyol is often thought responsible. One way used by many Garudans to ward off a toyol is to place some needles under their money, for toyols are afraid of being hurt by needles ( not suprising considering how many of them are created).

The Khitain* name for the toyol is guai zai (literally "ghost child").

The appearance of a toyol resembles a small baby, frequently that of a new-born baby walking upright with a big head, small hands, clouded eyes and greyed skin. It can be seen by the naked eye without the use of magic, though they are unlikely to be spotted casually.

Keeping a toyol has its price. In essence, the spirit is that of a still-born (or more often aborted) child, and its temperament reflects this.

According to Garudan practices and beliefs, the afterlife of a person can be cared for by the family, through a sacred item in the form of a carved tablet. It is usually made of wood, with the name of the deceased engraved. A collection of tablets at an elaborate family altar is a typical item in a large (and often wealthy) family.

Following the same principle, the master of the toyol keeps its tablet and cares for it. He must feed it with a few drops of his blood everyday ( 1 hp), usually through his thumb or big toe. In addition, it requires certain coaxing and attention, along with offerings. Such offerings might include sweets and toys, for the toyol is essentially a child and must be kept happily entertained. A toyol can be fed instead with the blood of a rooster but they are more likely to 'go wild' on such a diet, than they are on human blood.

People use such spirits for theft, sabotage and other minor crimes. Serious crimes, like murder, are usually beyond the capability of these toyols. A person who suddenly becomes wealthy without explanation might be suspected of keeping a toyol. The toyol is generally kept in a jar or an urn, and hidden away in a dark place until needed.

What happens at the end of the "contract" depends on the dukun. It could be that the tablet, along with the urn, is buried in a graveyard (with the relevant rituals), and the spirit is then laid to rest.

An alternative method is to dispose them in the sea where it is said they are cared for by The Queen of the Southern Sea .

Or else, a toyol gets passed down in a family through the generations.

Although seemingly cunning, toyols are not very intelligent. They are easily deceived by marbles and sand and strands of garlic hanging on the door post or placed on certain parts of the house. The toyol will start playing with these items until it forgets its task at the intended victim's house. Money placed under mirrors has the potentcy to ward off toyols due to a phobia of their reflections.

Toyol will not fight, they possess stats identical to the Onyx Prowler.

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