(Wayne Imlach)

Not as specialised as an Assassin* and more suited to the adventuring life. A thief-come-mercenary who can turn his hand to all sorts of mischief.

Tricksters are invariably human. Though Halflings* may become Tricksters, the vanishingly small number of Halflings* that take up adventuring along with the even smaller number that become tricksters make them exceedingly rare.

Tricksters must have Reflexes of at least 9.

Basic Statistics

Attack: 13
Defence: 6
Magical Defence: 3
Evasion: 5
Stealth: 13
Perception: 5
Health Points: 7+d6 (Average 11)


Tricksters use the same climbing rules as an Assassin* (bk4 p19).

Inner Sense
Tricksters have an inner sense ability that operates in the same fashion as the Assassin* skill (bk4 p15).

Tricksters have access to the Assassin* disguise ability (bk4 p21), but may add their rank to Stealth for the purpose of resolving any disguise rolls.

Tricksters may pick locks in the same fashion as an Assassin* (bk4 p21).

Tricksters use the Pilfer rules as outlined in Book 4 p20, but may add their rank to Stealth for the purpose of resolving any pilfering rolls.


Tricksters suffer -2 from ATTACK and DEFENCE for wearing chainmail; -4 for plate.

Starting Equipment

Initially equiped with lantern, flint-&-tinder, backpack, dagger, Hardened Leather armour, 2-20 Florins*, crossbow, quiver with 6 quarrels, sword.


Tricksters advance in rank the same way as Barbarians* & Knights*.

Skills of the Mighty

Tricksters may choose one Skill of the Mighty* from the Knights* selection on attaining 8th rank, and on each second rank thereafter (10th, 12th, 14th etc). In addition, the Warlock* skills Appraise Enemy*, Arrow Cutting*, Fight Blind* and Unarmed Combat* are also available as possible selections.


Tricksters use the Mystic* background tables when determining past history and origins.

Comparison to Other Game Systems

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