True Faith

(Book 1, Book 6, DWR, Bloodsword 3)

The "True Faith"* is the Legend* equivalent of Christianity in the world in the same time in history, and indeed today. The religion centres around the person Gatanades*, known in the True Faith* countries as "the Saviour"*, who taught that the kingdom of God* was near and accessible by him through his death (which he eventually suffered at the hands of the Selentine* authorities of the Old Selentine Empire*) and resurrection.

Subject matter to be explored / expanded upon within this article:
  • Core beliefs and sub-branches of belief
  • Authors' reasons for the name
  • Defenders of the faith: Knights* (and Paladins?)
  • Relics*
  • The Crusades* from a True Faith perspective
  • Proselytism in the Northern Lands* and Eastern Lands*
  • Approximations to aspects of Christianity

The countries that could be readily described as True Faith nations:

Countries that could be described as nominally True Faith, or primary mission-fields thereto:

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