Vampires throughout Legend

The ADZE of western Mungoda* is a horrific vampiric being which terrifies villages and turns families against each other. It can take the form of a firefly rather than a bat, Wolf* or mist. In this form it can possess people, with or without their consent.

The loathsome dead thing crawls into the victims sinuses after mesmerising them and either whispers to them in their dreams or if it was a witch or Sorcerer* in life casts Enthrall* (or a similar spell) on the victim using them as a vessel. Such a person is soon considered a witch by those around them as the Adze uses its magical powers to ruin its hosts neighbours and corrupt the village.

Normally the destructive power of the Adze is turned against those of whom the 'witch' was jealous. Even without a daylight vessel, the Adze is dangerous. At night, an Adze would pass beneath closed doors in fly form and suck blood from people as they slept. Often the victim would fall sick and die, as the Adze habitually hunts children.
( Adze are represented as Vampires* but with a fly form rather than the other western forms, they are affected by all the same weaknesses as Coradian* Vampires* and function identically apart from their unique means of acquiring servants.)

The STRIGES of Emphidor* possess the alternate forms of crows, owls and other night birds ( instead of the usual bat/Wolf*/mist) and many have bird-like aspects in their human form (talons, owls eyes, feathered hair). (They are otherwise identical to normal Vampires* which are known as Vrykolakas in the region).

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