(Book 1, pp113-115; DWR p. 252)

Basic Information

Volucreths are bird-men of questionable intelligence, originating out of the jungles of the Mungoda Continent*.


Feathered humanoid muscular downy appearance in the upper body, muscular lower legs with scaly bird-leg like texture. Heads have bird-like appearance. Average height approximately 2m.

Known or supposed origins

Not known.

Special Abilities

Volucreths can rise in rank, as with Humans*, the extent of which is not known. Volucreths can also use magic, within the realms of the other adventuring professions (though perhaps more likely to have one of the Shaman magic-users rather than, say, a Warlock*). Hence the statistics below for the "Average" Volucreth say no MAGICAL ATTACK score is possible, when in fact (hence the ** markation) it is possible for the "Above Average" Volucreth.

Geographical Distribution

Thought to inhabit only the jungles of the Mungoda Continent*, however known to explore beyond the jungles in search of human slaves. Some speculate they might be sea-going in search of slaves. Certainly if the average Volucreth can possess a sword and, therefore, the race has blacksmith capability, then shipbuilding is not far-fetched.

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