(Book 6, pp183-216)

The Warlock is part fighter, part Sorcerer* - on appearances, they would appear to be a Knight*. However they hide a dark secret to aid them in combat: arcane arts of strengthening, cursing or dazzling displays of power.

Warlocks are invariably human, though rumours of Elven* Warlocks persist it is likely these are simply Elven* Knights* with the usual elven enchantments upon themselves and their possessions.

Source Information on the Profession

Book 6

Further Information from the Gamebooks

  • Specific Background table rolls in Book 6

House Rules

Alternate Warlock Weapon Group Rules

(Wayne Imlach)
It seems inelegant that a Warlock at 3rd rank actually becomes less skilled in the use of non-weapon group weapons than a Warlock of 2nd rank. The changing of weapon groups during play is also less than satisfactory.

The following is an alternative to the rules outlined in Book 6:

  • Weapon groups are chosen permanently – they cannot be changed.
  • Warlocks choose a single weapon group at 1st rank.
  • Warlocks may choose an additional weapon group at 5th rank, 9th rank and every four ranks thereafter (13th, 17th etc.).
  • When using any weapon they are unfamiliar with, they fight with a penalty equal to a third of their rank (rounded up) to both Attack and Defence (see table).

Rank Combat Penalty
1-3 -1 to ATTACK & DEFENCE
4-6 -2 to ATTACK & DEFENCE
7-9 -3 to ATTACK & DEFENCE
10-12 -4 to ATTACK & DEFENCE
13-15 -5 to ATTACK & DEFENCE

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