Within this section it is anticipated there will be several sub-branches: Interpretations on how certain types of weapons or individual weapons work, and new weapons.

Interpretations on How Types of Weapons Work
  • e.g. Two-handed weapons.
  • e.g. One-handed weapon with shield.
  • e.g. Fighting on horseback.
  • e.g. Thrusting weapons such as spears, halberds.

Interpretations on How Specific Weapons Work
  • eg Particular rules concerning crossbows - such as whether one may be carried loaded or not.

New Weapons

Kharille's Armoury for Primitive Orcs

Bronze battleaxe d6,5
Bronze sword d6,4
Bronze dagger d3,3
Bronze spear 2d3,3

Flint Battleaxe d6,5
Flint War Club d6,4
Flint spear 2d3, 3
Flint knife d3,3
Bow (Flint arrows) d6,3 25/75/125
Sling (Flint shot/Select rock) d4,3 20/60/80
Sling (non suitable stone) d4,2 15/40/60

Studded leather AR 3
Silver Armour (For Enchanters) AR 3
Selentium/Emphidian bronze plate AR 2
Bear hide armour AR 2
Wolf hide AR 1