Western Mainland

The lands that lie in the West directly south of Ellesland*. The relevant map in the Gamebooks is Book 6 pp 11-12.

Nation / Principality Location Gamebook References
Algandy* Far West of northern peninsula Bk 6 pp21-22
Analika * North-west of southern peninsula Bk 6, pp41-42
Asmulia (Asmuly)* Eastern end of southern peninsula Bk 6, pp42-44
Chaubrette* Centre of northern peninsula running North/South Bk 6 pp21-22
County of Braeburg* North side of northern peninsula, coast on the Gouge* Not described
Duchy of Lavasse* Between Chaubrette* & Algandy* Not described
Emphidor * North to centre of southern peninsula Bk 6, pp41-42
The Ferromaine League * Between north and south peninsulas east of Coradian Sea* Bk 6, pp39-41
Hudristania * South of southern peninsula region, just above the Southern Lands* Bk 6, pp41-42
Kurland* Eastern side of northern peninsula Bk 6 pp21-22
Molasaria * Western side of souther peninsula Bk 6, pp41-42
New Selentine Empire* East of both peninsulae, spreading inland to east Bk 6, pp33-35


These lands are approximated to Western mainland Europe and the closer approximations are indicated in the respective nation pages.