What DW means to me...

Sir Kern Tralek

Not only my user name, but also the name of my very first ever RPG character (A Dragon Warriors Knight)... Here's a little about what Dragon Warriors means to me:

"The Ultimate Roleplaying Game"
Well, I don't know about that bold claim, but it was wondrous way back in the summer of '85 through to the spring of '86 as we discovered roleplaying games for the first time.
So what was so great about it?
Good question. It was the mid-80's in the UK. Thatcherism was in full swing. I don't know about anyone else, but my parents were unemployed, so money was really tight. Dragon Warriors arrived and it was cheap (far cheaper than D&D or AD&D). It might not sound like much now, but you could get the Dragon Warriors paperback books for about £1.50 -£1.75 each. Compare that to D&D which cost about a tenner per book and you'll see which won from a purely economic view.
I loved the game mechanic. Roll your attack, subtract the opponent's defence. You hit? Good, now roll armour bypass for the weapon and then tot up the damage if you beat the armour. Nice and simple and somewhat believable.
It got even better once the other books were published which had new classes, adventures and in the final book "Lands of Legend", a complete campaign world. Of course, by then we'd been playing for about 18 months, so our GM had created his own campaign world, which was keeping us occupied (as well as laughing our asses off).
That world seemed a fantastic escape from the bleak mid-80's humdrum. The game and our characters gave us a sense of empowerment that was not there in everyday life. Teachers, school bullies, home life getting you down? Don't worry, Friday night's coming up soon, you can get away from it then. It'll be alright.
I'm still not sure if it was the game or, more probably, the escapism and the wonderful company, but I'll always have a real soft-spot for Dragon Warriors. In fact, I've recently began running a group of friends through the published adventures in the books. Some of the characters are even posted to this wiki...
Not an attempt at serious roleplaying; oh no! My remit was to recapture the first experience of gaming, including the wandering off-topic conversations and piss-taking that went with it. I must say, the lads have succeeded beyond my wildest imaginings! Thanks guys for giving me more than a few chuckles - you'll never actually know just how similar to my old group you lot are!
So, in closing, I'd just like to say a sincere thank you to Dave Morris for creating a wonderfully rich, yet simple game at an affordable price that allowed me to get involved in this wonderful hobby.

Tom (Sir Kern Tralek)

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