Dragon Warriors
Alternative Weapon Statistics.
Not being satisified with the weapon stats as they currently exist, I have overhauled them for my own campaign. Weapons are now described by their bypass dice, damage, one or two-handed use and balanced or unbalanced.
Weapon Damage Balanced? Hands?
Battle Axe canon No Two
Cudgel canon No One
Dagger canon Yes One
Flail canon No One
Halberd canon No Two
Mace d8, 4 No One
Morning Star d8, 5 No One
Shortsword d6, 3 Yes One
Spear canon Yes Two
Staff canon Yes Two
Sword d6, 4 Yes One
Two-handed Sword canon Yes Two

How do these statistics change gameplay?
Basically, I envision unbalanced weapons as those that are heavily weighted at one end to allow more power to be delviered to the blow, hence a better penetration (Bypass roll). However, they require a moment to gather momentum so characters using an unbalanced weapon take a -1 penalty to thier reflexes in combat.

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