The Barbarian* is a raw fighter, a mercenary-for-hire who fights for the pure pleasure of battle, for money or other gain - or both! They are the warrior class of those peoples who have not embraced the soft lifestyle of the 'civilised' nations. Barbarians* make no use of magic at all save what magical items they might find on their travels.

Source Information on the Profession

  • Book 1, pp 23-29, 42
  • Book 4, pp44-45 ("Bloodrage"* Skill of the Mighty*)

Further Information from the Gamebooks

  • Specific Background table rolls in Book 6 pp150-153

Non-Humans which may Become Barbarians

Elves* do not have amongst themselves warriors who charge into battle unthinkingly or who care not for their own fate. Elvishkind* will only fight to the death if they believe there is no other choice; ie. in defence of their homes, their people or their sacred groves. Elvish* Knights* move more silently through the forest than a shadow and they have therefore never felt the need to develop a class of woodsmen or wild-warriors.

There are Dwarven* Barbarians*, they are the scouts, the surface guardians, the barsark or the outcasts of their kind. They are invariably looked upon as somewhat beneath the more Knightly* classes of the homeguard but their 'sacrifice' is seen as honourable nonetheless.

Halflings* do not possess the demeanour to be raging warriors and their homebound ways do not tend towards heroes journeys and wilderness survival.
It must be noted that amongst other non-human races the barbarian model of combat seems to be very common.

House Rules

Additional Skills

There is a common view amongst Dragon Warriors* fans that though impressive in combat, Barbarians* lack the additional abilities that other Professions have. Some have suggested adding skills of Lore* (given the Barbarian's* wider travel than others) to hunting, tracking or travelling skills.

As of the new edition of Dragon Warriors* Barbarians* now possess the Track* ability.

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