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Creature Reference/Creator
Physical Form
Abatwa (Bulya) Corporeal Supernatural Omnivore Faerie Folk
Adventurers* (BES p17, Bk1 pp74-75) Humanoid, Corporeal n/a Omnivore see Professions
Apemen* (BES p18, Bk1 p76) Humanoid, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Asabonsam (Bulya) Monster, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Automaton* (BES p63, Bk4 p53) Corporeal Sorcerous n/a
Bajang (Bulya) Corporeal Undead Carnivore
(Eaves Phantom*)
(BES p74, Bk4 pp55-57) Corporeal Undead

Barghest* (BES p50, Bk4 pp54-55) Corporeal Supernatural
Faerie Beast
Barnacle Men* (BES p74) Corporeal Undead n/a
Basilisk* (BES p29, Bk1 pp76-77) Monster, Corporeal
Bat* (BES p26, Bk1, p77, GD1 s182) Mudane Animal, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Bear* (BES p26, Bk1 p78) Mudane Animal, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Black Queen^ (GD1 s70) Corporeal Sorcerous n/a
Blood Fiend^ (GD4 s252) Monster, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Blue Men* (BES p75, Bk4 pp57-59) Corporeal Undead n/a
Boggart* (BES p51, Bk4 pp60-63) Corporeal Supernatural
Faerie Folk
Bogle (Tom Clare) Humanoid, Corporeal Supernatural
Faerie Folk
Bull* (BES p26, Bk1 pp78-79) Mudane Animal, Corporeal n/a Herbivore
Cadaver* (BES p76, Bk4 pp65-67, GD2 s205) Humanoid, Corporeal Undead n/a
Caitshee* (BES p52, Bk4 pp67-69) Corporeal Supernatural
Faerie Beast
Centaur* (BES p30, Bk3 pp16-17, Bk4 pp69-71) Monster, Corporeal n/a

Chimera* (BES p30, Bk4 pp71-73) Monster, Corporeal
Chonchon* (BES p31, Bk4 pp73-74) Monster, Corporeal Supernatural

Cloudspider* (BES p32, Bk4 pp74-75) Monster, Corporeal
Crocodile* (BES p27, Bk1 pp79-80) Mundane Animal, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Cyclops* (BES p32, Bk4 pp75-76) Monster, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Death’s Head* (BES p77, Bk1 pp80-81) Corporeal Undead

Dirge (Bulya) Monster, Corporeal
Dog, hunting* (BES p27) Mundane Animal, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Dog, wild* (BES p27) Mundane Animal, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Dracomen* (BES p18, Bk4 p76) Humanoid, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Dragon* (BES p32, Bk1 pp82-84, GD2 s275) Monster, Corporeal
Drekavac (Bulya) Corporeal Undead

The Drowned (Tom Clare) Corporeal Undead n/a
Dungeon Devil^ (GD4 s17) Monster, Corporeal

Dwarves* (BES p18, Bk1 pp84-85) Humanoid, Corporeal n/a Omnivore Faerie Folk
Elemental* (BES p33, Bk1 pp85-86, GD2 s158) Monster Supernatural

Elves* (BES p19, Bk1 pp86-88, GD1 s190) Humanoid, Corporeal
Omnivore Faerie Folk
Fang Warrior* (BES p64, Bk4 p77) Corporeal Sorcerous

The FaltynThis is a featured page (the Bloodsword Books) Incorporeal Supernatural

Fell Toads (Tom Clare) Mundane Animal, Corporeal
Fungus Man* (BES p78, Bk4 pp78-79) Corporeal Undead

Gargoyle* (BES p34, Bk1 pp89-90) Monster, Corporeal

Gatekeeper^ (GD1 s1 & s69) Corporeal Sorcerous

Gaunts (Tom Clare) Corporeal Undead n/a
Ghasts (Tom Clare) Corporeal Undead n/a
Ghost* (BES p78, Bk1 p91) Ethereal Undead n/a
Ghoul* (BES p79, Bk1 pp116-117) Corporeal Undead Carnivore
Giant Beetle* (BES p34, Bk4 p79) Monster, Corporeal
Giant Eagle* (BES p34, Bk3 p167) Monster, Corporeal
Giant Rat* (BES p34, Bk1 pp91-92) Monster, Corporeal
Giant Scorpion* (BES p35, Bk1 pp92-93, GD2 s22) Monster, Corporeal
Giant Spider* (BES p35, Bk1 p93-94, GD1 s90) Monster, Corporeal
Giants (Tom Clare) Humanoid, Corporeal
Gjenganger (Bulya) Corporeal Undead

Gloomvile^ (GD4 s84) Corporeal Infernal n/a Demon
Gnomes* (BES p19, Bk1 pp94-95) Humanoid, Corporeal Supernatural
Faerie Folk
Goblins* (BES p19, Bk1 pp95-96) Humanoid, Corporeal Supernatural
Faerie Folk
Golem* (BES p64, Bk4 pp80-81) Corporeal Sorcerous n/a
Gorgon* (BES pp35-36, Bk1 pp96-98) Monster, Corporeal

Grave Gaunt* (BES p79, Bk4 pp81-83) Corporeal Undead

Grey Gnomes* (BES p19) Humanoid, Corporeal

Faerie Folk
Grey Hood* (BES p53) Ethereal Supernatural

Gryphon* (BES p36, Bk4 pp83-85) Mundane Animal, Corporeal
(BES p54, Bk4 pp85-88, GD1 s200) Corporeal Supernatural Omnivore Faerie Folk
Halfings* (BES p20, Bk1 pp98-99) Humanoid, Corporeal

Faerie Folk
Hantu Raya (Bulya) Ethereal Sorcerous
Harpy* (BES p36, Bk4 pp88-89) Monster, Corporeal
He-Goats (Tom Clare) Mundane Animal, Corporeal
Hell Hound* (BES p67, Bk3 p100) Corporeal Infernal
Hell Hound, Greater* (BES p67, GD1 s50) Corporeal Infernal
Hellion* (BES p67, Bk4 pp89-94) Corporeal Infernal
Hellrot* (BES p70, Bk4 pp94-95) Corporeal Infernal
Hippogriff* (BES p37, Bk4 pp95-97) Monster, Corporeal

Hobgoblins* (BES p20, Bk1 pp99-101, GD1 s60) Humanoid, Corporeal

Faerie Folk
Horse* (BES p27, Bk1 pp101-102) Mundane Animal, Corporeal
Humans* (BES p21, Bk1 pp102-103) Humanoid, Corporeal
Hydra* (BES p38, Bk4 pp98-99) Monster, Corporeal
Hydra, Small* (BES p38) Monster, Corporeal
Ice Snake* (BES p39) Monster, Corporeal
Ice Spectre* (BES p80) Ethereal Undead

Ignis Fatuus* (BES p39, Bk3 p18) Monster, Ethereal

Imp* (BES p56, Bk4 pp99-100) Corporeal Supernatural
Faerie Folk
(Lightning Bird)
(Bulya) Monster, Corporeal
Ire Goblins*
(BES p21, Bk4 pp101-102) Humanoid, Corporeal

Faerie Folk
(Frost Giant*)
(BES p34, Bk4 pp88-89, BS1) Humanoid, Corporeal
Jumbee* (BES p80, Bk4 pp102-104) Ethereal Undead

Kappa* (BES p22, Bk4 pp104-106, GD4 s48) Humanoid, Corporeal

Killer Bee* (BES p39) Mundane Animal, Corporeal

Korghoi (JumpingJiminy) Monster, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Kraken* (BES p40) Monster, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Krask* (BES p40, Bk4 pp106-107) Monster, Corporeal

Leyak (Bulya) Corporeal Undead

Lich Knight^ (GD4 s156) Corporeal Undead n/a
Lion (Tom Clare) Corporeal
(BES p56, Bk4 pp108-109, Bk3 pp15-16, GD2 s117) Corporeal Supernatural Carnivore
Malgash* (BES p70, Bk4 pp109-111, GD2 s56) Corporeal Infernal
Manticore* (BES p40, Bk1 pp102-103) Monster, Corporeal
Mere Troll (Wayne Imlach) Humanoid, Corporeal

Faerie Beast
Mere-Gaunt* (BES p41, Bk4 pp111-114) Monster, Corporeal

Faerie Beast
Mermaid^ (GD4 s109) Humanoid, Corporeal

Faerie Folk
Miasmoid^ (GD1 s163) Ethereal Sorcerous n/a
Minotaur* (BES p41, Bk4 pp114-115) Monster, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Monstrous Fish (Tom Clare) Mundane Animal, Corporeal
Moon Dogs* (BES p64) Corporeal Sorcerous

Moon Maiden (Bulya) Corporeal Infernal n/a Demon
Mordu* ( Headless Warrior) (BES p81, Bk4 pp115-116) Ethereal Undead

Mule* (BES p28) Mundane Animal, Corporeal n/a Herbivore
Mummy* (BES p81) Corporeal Undead

A Murder of Crows (Tom Clare) Mundane Animal, Corporeal, Swarm
Omnivores Swarm
Nargut* (BES p42) Monster, Corporeal

Necrochor* (BES p82, Bk4 pp116-117) Corporeal Undead

Nereid* (FOTD p48-49) Humanoid, Corporeal
Omnivore Faerie Folk
Nightmare Guard^ (GD2 s190) Corporeal Infernal
Nightmare* (BES p71, Bk4 pp117-120) Ethereal Infernal
Obsidiak* (BES p42, Bk1 pp104-106) Monster, Corporeal

Ogres* (BES p23, Bk1 pp103-105) Humanoid, Corporeal
Okeman* (BES p57, Bk4 pp120-121) Corporeal Supernatural

Oni* (BES p58, Bk4 pp122-124) Corporeal Supernatural

Orcs* (BES p23, Bk1 pp106-107) Humanoid, Corporeal n/a Omnivore
Pazuzu* (BES p59, Bk1 p108-109) Corporeal Supernatural

Phantasms (Tom Clare) Ethereal

Phoenix* (BES p59, Bk4 pp124-125, GD2 s111) Corporeal Supernatural

Pigeons (Tom Clare) Mundane Animal, Corporeal n/a Herbivore
Polong (Bulya) Ethereal Sorcerous
Pontianak (Bulya) Corporeal Supernatural

Rakshah* (BES p60, Bk4 pp125-127) Corporeal Supernatural

Revenant* (BES p83, GD2 s251) Corporeal Undead

Rhino (Bulya) Mundane Animal, Corporeal n/a Herbivore
Rimwolf* (BES p60) Corporeal Supernatural
Faerie Beast
Seawolf (Orca) (Bulya) Mundane Animal, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Sentinel Crab* (BES p43, Bk4 p128, GD4 s60) Mundane Animal, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Shadow Gaunt* (BES p65) Ethereal Sorcerous

Shadow Walker* (BES p61, Bk4 pp128-130) Corporeal(?) Supernatural

Shen Lun*
(Black Dragon*)
(BES p43, Bk4 pp130-132) Monster, Corporeal
Simulacra (Tom Clare) Magical Creation
Skeleton* (BES p83, Bk1 pp119) Corporeal Undead n/a
Skullghast* (BES p66, Bk4 pp132-133, GD2 s118) Corporeal Sorcerous

The Slew (Tom Clare) Corporeal Supernatural

Snake* (Python*) (BES p28, Bk1 pp107-108) Mundane Animal, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Snake, Giant (Giant Viper*) (BES p44) Monster, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Snake, Winged* (BES p44) Monster, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Snow Apes* (BES p24, Bk1 p109) Humanoid, Corporeal

Spectre* (BES p83, Bk1 p120) Ethereal Undead

Sphinx* (BES p44, Bk4 pp133-134, GD4 s120) Monster, Corporeal

Spider* (Tarantula*) (BES p28) Mundane Animal, Corporeal

Spriggans* (BES p62, Bk4 pp134-136) Corporeal Supernatural
Faerie Folk
Succubi* (BES p72) Corporeal Infernal
The Sufriad* (BES p72, Bk1 pp110-111) Corporeal Infernal
Swamp Folk* (BES p24) Humanoid, Corporeal

Tapestry Wards* (BES p66) Corporeal Sorcerous

Thorn Demon* (BES p45) Monster, Corporeal

Tiger* (Sabre Tooth*) (BES p45, Bk1 pp111-112) Mundane Animal, Corporeal n/a Carnivore
Titan* (BES p47) Monster, Corporeal

Tongue Collector (D.Lamont, A.Stiller) Monster, Corporeal

Faerie Beast
Toyol (Bulya) Ethereal Sorcerous

Trolls* (BES p24, Bk1 pp112-113) Humanoid, Corporeal

Faerie Folk
Trow (Bulya) Humanoid, Corporeal

Faerie Folk
Unicorn (Tom Clare) Corporeal

Vampire Bat* (BES p47) Monster, Corporeal

Vampire* (BES p84, Bk1 pp120-124, GD1 s283) Corporeal Undead

Volucreth* (BES p25, Bk1 pp113-115) Humanoid, Corporeal

(Black Riders*)
(BES p63, Bk3 pp14-15) Corporeal Sorcerous

Water Leaper* (BES p47, Bk4 pp139-140) Monster, Corporeal

Faerie Beast
Waterhorse (Tom Clare) Corporeal Supernatural Carnivore Faerie Beast
White Lady* (BES p73, Bk3 pp17-18) Corporeal Infernal
White Moths (Tom Clare) Mundane Animal, Corporeal Supernatural N/A Swarm
Wight* (BES p85, Bk1 pp124-125 & Bk2 p137, GD1 s20) Corporeal Undead

Wild Boar* (BES p28, Bk1 pp115-116) Mundane Animal, Corporeal

Embittered Willow (Tom Clare) Corporeal N?A N/A
Wolf* (BES p28, Bk1 p116) Mundane Animal, Corporeal

Worms (Tom Clare) Monster, Corporeal
Wraith* (BES p86, Bk1 pp125-127) Ethereal Undead

Wyvern* (BES p48, Bk4 pp140-142) Monster, Corporeal
Yener (Tom Clare) Mundane Animal, Corporeal
Yeti* (BES p49) Monster, Corporeal

Zombie* (BES p87, Bk1 pp127-128) Corporeal Undead Carnivore