This page will be the root page for the two categories of professions - the canonical, and non-canonical - followed in the second branch by new professions and then blended professions. The latter is a trait more common to RPGs like AD&D and might not be to all GMs' tastes, but is there for those for whom it is their taste.

As a preliminary comment, the entries for the canonical professions (eg Knight*, Barbarian*) do not replicate verbatim the initial scores and provisions, and rank progressions, of those professions. The primary inhibitor to this wiki beginning was concern about copyright - therefore, to use the "Golden Rule" as RJ Lambert calls it, if content here possibly renders gamebook content redundant, then it may infringe copyright. Therefore, each canonical profession wiki entry sets out:

  1. Where the profession is initially recorded in the gamebooks;
  2. Where the extra abilities or traits of that profession are recorded in the gamebooks (e.g. Skills of the Mighty* in Book 4);
  3. GM-added extra profession-specific rule interpretations or additional skills / traits (e.g. knowledge of different lore for Knights* and Barbarians*)

Of course, there is no need for such careful treading in the realm of new or blended professions. These are entirely new works by GMs and fans.

Canonical Professions

Profession Source Description
Barbarian* Book 1 A self-made fighter having learned to fend for himself, the Barbarian* is a strong and fast fighting unit, possessing the special ability to go Berserk sacrificing Defence for Attack to land killing blows.
Knight* Book 1 A warrior who relies on his skills and armoury to get through a fight, the Knight* is also bound by the feudal ties to his Lord (both spiritual and temporal) and honour.
Sorcerer* Book 2 The most powerful of the spellcasting professions, possessing an armoury of 6 spells per rank - but at the cost of combat ability, being no better in a fight than the average human.
Mystic* Book 2 Less powerful than a Sorcerer*, but with spells that enable him to be more useful in a fight and possess mastery of his body and the physical realm.
Assassin* Book 4 Relatively rare in the adventuring world, this thief archetype possesses not only the skills of the classic thief, but also mystical abilities akin to the ninja of old.
Elementalist* Book 5 Also relatively rare, the Elementalist* has limited spells and is little better in combat than a Sorcerer* - but possesses mastery over the elements that wields great power at higher ranks.
Warlock* Book 6 A strong profession class, the perfect mix of magic and might. Able to fight like a Knight* with few limitations, the Warlock* also possesses a spell arsenal enabling him to overcome powerful foes.
Demonologist IFTC A Sorcerer that has turned to the dark arts of demonology - summoning and binding infernal creatures to do their bidding.

New Professions

Predominantly Magic Users

Fighting Magic Users
Warriors / Skill-specific professions (ie no magic use)

Blended Professions