(Book 2, pp15-50)

The Sorcerer is the generic spell-casting archetype known in other genres and perhaps also within Legend* as an Enchanter, Mage, Wizard, Sage etc. He is weakest of all professions in combat ability but most powerful in his use of the arcane magical arts.

Sorcerers of many and varied kinds exist amongst most of the non-human societies who possess at least some form of writing, pictographs or hieroglyphics. Elvish* Sorcerers are renowned and feared for their eldritch might amongst an already Fey* people.

There are no Dwarven* or Halfling* Sorcerers, though there are Witch Doctors, Witches^ and the like amongst even the likes of Dracomen* and Orcs*.

Sorcerers of up to 4th rank may turn their magical arts towards Demonology, assuming they can find a suitable book or Master to teach them...

Source Information on the Profession

Book 2 pp 15-50

Further Information from the Gamebooks

  • Book 4 pp46-48 (Skill of the Mighty*: "Wands*")
  • Generic Background table rolls in Book 6 pp144-149

House Rules

Selentine Magic

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For an intriguing glimpse into the world of Selentine spellcasting, refer to the following posts on the Fabled Lands blog:

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Magical Traditions

As described in Book 6 a Sorcerer's spells may well vary depending on where the Sorcerer comes from. These spells do not vary in their effects but simply in the appearance and characteristics, for example:

  • Dragonbreath* - May express as Fire, a jet of steam, a bolt of energy, a phantom spear, etc.
  • Moonglow* - May express as a floating paper lantern, a sickly green phosphorescence, a cloud of fireflies, etc.
  • Tangleroots* - May express as plant life, webbing, silk ribbons, etc.
  • Banquet* - May express as local cuisine, wild fruits, etc.

So a Witch Doctor, Djiwal, from the wilds of southern Mungoda* faces off against a Dukun, Abet, from the Thousand Islands:

Djiwal summons a Hyena to his side ( Wolfcall*) and circles the old Dukun; Abet prepares by calling on the spirits of the air to protect him (Mantlet*). Djiwal summons a huge Assegi into existence and it rushes towards Abet crackling with ghost-fire ( Shadowbolt*)...

Strange Mentors

Some Sorcerers in their pursuit of the dark arts seek out further magics in all manner of dark places. The beings which can teach magic to sorcerers are many and varied but all of them will demand favours and deference in exchange for sharing their dark knowledge.

Spells are learnt at the mentor-beings Rank or Rank Equivalent ( unless the spell is noted as being of a different level) ; as a rough guide each spell learnt will cost 100 Florins* per rank + 1 month per rank + xp equal to the spells rank and will often involve further favours or missions undertaken on the mentors behalf. Example:

Hedwig Landsbane is a deranged Kurlish* Witch^ seeking a new way to torture his victims; he makes a perilous approach to an ancient forest Hag* and petitions her to learn 'The Riding of The Witch'. After a third of a year of fetching and carrying for the ancient crone he is able to wield the foul sorceries and bidding a respectful adieu and leaving a Knight's* ransom in payment he heads off to find his young cousins...

Possible Mentors
  • Boggart* - Hoarfrost*, Thorns*, Mist*, Befuddlement*, Witchflame*. 4th Rank.
  • Hobgoblin*
  • Wight*
  • Gnome*
  • Demons*
  • Other dark beings...

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